Every resident at Travanse Living at Wheaton has different needs that fit their lifestyle. Our priority is to accommodate your individual needs.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Travanse Living at Wheaton provides residents with the right amount of dignified support they need in a beautiful, inviting place to call home. We combine support services with activities of daily living and amenities to make each day enjoyable and worry-free, and programming that invites residents to be involved, engaged and connected to the people and pastimes that matter most.

Assisted living is an ideal solution for those who choose or require some help with their daily living needs but still wish to live a vibrant life and be as independent as possible.

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Memory Care

Generations Memory Care is a state-of-the-art program, balancing person-centered care with innovative techniques that work to rekindle the spark in our residents, helping them communicate with others and be engaged in their daily lives.

Surrounded by a comfortable, familiar and calming environment, our residents thrive from the memory care delivered by our specially trained associates and staff.

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Legacy Healthcare Services

Travanse Living at Wheaton is proud to partner with Legacy Healthcare to provide on-site therapy services to our residents. These services include memory care, pain management, falls prevention and dysphagia management services, among others. Legacy Healthcare works with our assisted living residents and helps identify and treat the needs of our GENERATIONS Memory Care residents.