We’d love to go on about all the ways Travanse Living at Wheaton can accommodate and cater to you, but the residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.
Your staff has treated our mom as they would their own mothers

I wanted to let you know how pleased my sisters and I have been with the care our mom, Charlotte, has received while staying at Travanse. We truly did not know what to expect when mom moved in. The staff has been so caring and helpful, it has eased any worries we may have had. Your staff has treated our mom as they would their own mothers. We have seen mom’s physical and mental health improve with your care.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the positive impact you have made on Mom. I will highly recommend Travanse to anyone who is looking for an assisted living facility.

Again, thank you so much for the incredible care my mom received while staying with you.

The team goes above and beyond
Our family was in need in finding a facility for our Mom and stepdad. We had a very short window of time to find a place that could serve their needs. One needed assisted living and the other needed “skilled care.” We were guided to Travanse at Wheaton through the “A Place For Mom” website. We visited there and Matt Dunn was our savior! He went above and beyond to call the hospital where our parents were and found we did not need “skilled care.” We needed rehabilitation for both. This was totally different than what we thought we needed. He explained the differences, helped us to understand the systems, and made recommendations. And we did find the places we needed in our short timeframe. But beyond that, he has called twice to follow up on our progress even though Travanse did not work for us. Who does that???? Well, evidently Matt Dunn does that. Kindness, caring and compassion are often hard to find in this business world, but Matt holds on to those values and shares them all. Thank you Matt. And as a former HR person with 1700 employees, Travanse...hang on to this man.
The B. family
We knew dad was always well taken care of every day
Travanse was the perfect place for my father, especially after my mother passed away and he needed more care than any of his children were able to provide on a daily basis. We looked at a lot of places and Travanse met all the criteria we were looking for in an assisted living facility. My father was there for almost 2 years and during that time we knew that this was the perfect place for him. All the people working there are very nice and took great care of my dad. The facility is kept very clean and they go out of their way to get the residents involved in all the activities that take place each day. They over different levels of care depending on what you may need and that worked out great for when my father needed more care. They kept great records and filled us in all the time on my dad’s activity when we were not there visiting. The dining room is very nice and my dad enjoyed the food. If he didn’t feel like going to the dining room they brought his meals to his apartment. He enjoyed the regular bingo games that were played almost daily. You can do as much as you want with all the activities or just kick back and relax. Overall it was nice having my dad at Travanse because we knew the people working there cared about the residents and he was always well taken care of every day.
Rich C.
Five stars
Travanse was an outstanding facility for my father. Staff, nurses and management treated my father as if he was a relative of theirs. My dad was very hesitant about moving into a facility that wasn’t one of his children’s homes. The staff went out of their way to help my dad feel as comfortable as possible. It truly made a difference in helping him adjust to his new surroundings in a pretty expedient manner. The staff was very caring, efficient and helpful. The facility was very clean, safe and comfortable. The food service was just OK, however food service staff was very friendly and accommodating. When my dad didn’t like something they made sure he received something that he felt was acceptable. When he didn’t feel like eating downstairs they brought his food up to him. The nursing staff was very competent, patient and caring. They kept us informed on my dad’s status regularly and on timely basis. Management was very hands-on and were extremely helpful to ensure we were doing everything possible to make sure my dad was receiving the best care possible. They helped guide us through the process of getting hospice involved at the appropriate time. Travanse truly helped make my dad as comfortable and safe as possible during the final months of his life. Lots of activities to keep him busy and interacting with the other residents. Travanse really took a burden off of our family, in helping us care for him during the later years of his life. It certainly was a very smart investment on our family’s part to ensure our dad was cared for in the best possible way during the final months of his life long journey. Thank you Travanse for following through on the commitments you made when we signed up with you.
Jerry C.
Excellent activities, exercise classes and medical care
We appreciate the caring and friendly leadership and staff at Travanse. Excellent activities, exercise classes and medical care.
Gerald Jagrowski
The cost is much better than at most facilities in the greater Wheaton area
I find the staff, the physical facility, and the atmosphere simply marvelous at Travanse. Also, the cost is much better than at most facilities in the greater Wheaton area. I am not quite ready for assisted living, but if I was, Travanse would be a serious contender amongst my options.
George K.
Travanse Living – FABULOUS (5 stars)
If you are looking for a GREAT place for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, you will love Travanse Living in Wheaton! Give Kathy Fezzuoglio, Betsy Charney or Charlie Lehman or a call for a personal tour! Your family member will LOVE you for it. I refer all my clients to them!
Kathy M.
They are in better health now than a year ago and we are thankful for the friends they have made
My parents had to move to Travanse under stressful circumstances and the staff really was great in helping us with the last minute transition over Thanksgiving weekend! My dad has Alzheimer’s and my mom was ending up in the hospital due to all the stress of keeping things going at home. Even though they weren’t ready my brother and I living out of state helped make the decision that it was time after moms 2nd hospital visit. They are thriving at Travanse and love the staff. They are in better health now than a year ago and we are thankful for the friends they have made there and it’s like having an extended family. Being far away it has given my brother and me peace of mind that help is just a push of a button away!
Kevin Ruhl
EVERYONE at Travanse has been outstanding
I also want to acknowledge your wonderful staff for helping us through this transition. They have not only made it smooth for my dad but for me and my family as well. It’s such an emotional time for all of us and EVERYONE at Travanse has been outstanding in helping us through this change. From the minute you walk in the building, the receptionists are always providing a warm and cheerful greeting! Your Memory Care staff are my true heroes!